Asama Coldwater Manufacturing Receives Honda Supplier Award

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In early May, Asama Coldwater Manufacturing’s (ACM) President Toshihiro Nakazawa and Plant Manager Mike Taylor proudly accepted the Honda supplier award for “Excellence in Delivery and Quality” for FY23. This significant achievement underscores the dedication and hard work of ACM’s entire team.

Key Highlights

  • Award Acceptance: ACM’s top executives received the prestigious Honda supplier award for excellence.
  • Company History: ACM, founded in 1996, has continuously evolved its manufacturing capabilities.
  • Expansion: Acquisition of a second foundry in 2013 and a state-of-the-art facility in 2015 to better serve southern U.S. customers.
  • Company Philosophy: Commitment to respect, continuous improvement, and community involvement.

On behalf of ACM, Nakazawa and Taylor expressed profound gratitude to the entire company. They emphasized that this award was a result of everyone’s hard work and dedication, stating that without the collective effort, such an outstanding achievement would not have been possible.

Asama Coldwater Manufacturing Receives Honda Supplier Award for Excellence

Company Background and Growth

Founded in Coldwater, MI in January 1996, ACM began as a joint venture between Asama Giken and Honda Motor Company to manufacture automotive components for Honda passenger vehicles. Over the years, ACM has expanded its capabilities to include a foundry, high-capacity machining facility, Geomet® paint lines, and extensive research and development technologies.

In March 2013, ACM expanded by acquiring a second foundry located in Warrenton, GA. By 2015, a state-of-the-art machining and paint facility was constructed at this site, enabling ACM to better meet the delivery needs of customers in the southern United States.

Commitment to Values and Improvement

ACM’s philosophies are centered around respect for the individual and the community. The company’s business plans include a strong commitment to continuous improvement across all areas. ACM promotes and supports individual and team activities to enhance safety, quality, cost-efficiency, delivery, morale, and environmental aspects.

This recognition by Honda highlights ACM’s ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, solidifying its position as a key player in the automotive manufacturing industry.

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