Zooming In On FDP Friction Science

The BRAKE Report recently sat down with John Carney, Vice President of Sales with FDP Friction Science. In this discussion, John answers a variety of questions about FDP and gives his thoughts on the current supply chain challenges and manufacturing in the U.S.

About FDP Friction Science

FDP Friction Science was born in 1969 and with it the company’s passion for friction and braking technology. From its decades of experience as an original equipment brake supplier, through growth and acquisitions to its modern industry today, the company’s sole focus is making braking as safe and reliable as possible.

FDP Friction Science, with global headquarters and manufacturing in Tappahannock, Va., and a research and development facility in Morrisville, N.J. and approximately 200 employees, is a global supplier of disc pads and brake shoes. Our clients include OEMs, retailers, warehouse distributors, exporters and other brake manufacturers.

FDP leaves nothing to chance, subjecting its processes to the tightest quality controls, and its products to the most extensive lab and road testing available. Ultimately, the company’s focus on safety and reliability results in higher-quality, longer-lasting products. FDP pads and shoes do not just ensure a higher degree of safety, they also deliver a better long-term value.

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