Jan Münchhoff on EuroBrake 21

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INGOLSTADT, Germany – EuroBrake 21 was a success, an international blend of university and industry, students and experienced engineers, discussing a myriad of brake subjects during the recently completed virtual conference, according to Jan Münchhoff, Chairman, Steering Committee, EuroBrake 21.

“It was an overwhelming success,” said Münchhoff, whose “day job” is Director, Development Driving Characteristics, Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving Systems for Audi. “We had a lot of attendees. Thanks to our new conference platform [somewhat forced upon EuroBrake by the pandemic] we were able to reach more people from Asia and the United States.

“And thanks to the platform’s design which allows participants to view presentations either live or via recording, participants from the U.S. did not have to view them in the night [time difference between the regions became irrelevant].”

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Münchhoff took some time to speak with The BRAKE Report (the YouTube video of the interview link within this post) following the conclusion of the four-day program, which, prior to the pandemic’s putting an end to in-person business conferences, had been scheduled for Mainz, Germany.

The program included the usual topics like NVH, corrosion, performance issues, all of the aspects around brake hydraulics, which are part of every program, he said. This year there were three topics that stood out: particle emissions, rail and the systems approach to braking (not just components).

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The success of this year’s virtual event leads Münchhoff to believe future EuroBrake events might be some sort of hybrid program, combining virtual with in-person.

“The feedback for the virtual element was so strong, we would be foolish not having a vritual element in the future,” he said. “There is also a demand to meet in person, so in the future I think we will have the option to attend online as well. I think we will have hybrid events in the future.”

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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