Websites, Apps Launched by SEINSA

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Source: SEINSA Corporation announcement 

MADRID — The Spanish group SEINSA Corporation, leader in the manufacture of brake, suspension and transmission system products, has launched four websites in five languages and an application to provide worldwide news coverage of its growth and innovation process.

The firm is thus preparing its final stretch of the year in which it forecasts an acceleration in sales.

SEINSA Corporation has three factories in Navarra and one in India, exports to 85 countries around the world and ensures that “2021 will be the year of innovation in the spare parts industry”, said Mikel Azcárate, director of the Strategic Development and New Business area.

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The new web portal is designed to strengthen its brand image through the innovative talent of the team that has made possible the expansion of the Navarrese company. It also launches websites to share knowledge of its innovation and research process throughout the automotive sector.

The Navarrese group allocates €4 million annually to innovative high-performance equipment (EARI) and in 2020 was recognized as one of the most innovative companies by INNOBASQUE. The company has increased its sales by 45 percent in the first half of 2021 and has an expansion plan to continue growing by 40-percent during the next three years. 

Within this same web space, visitors can peruse other new pages such as AUTOFREN SEINSA, the main brand of the company. The website offers improved functionality and contains product sheets of information very useful for the sector: assembly videos, tips on when to repair according to the problem detected and the necessary kit for professionals in the spare parts sector. The Multimedia section, includes a series of filters to find videos by theme and follow the steps for the repair of the car. 

The transformation of the ERT and SEINSA India portal add up to a total of four new websites. From all of them one can access more than 2,000 pages of its catalog quickly and directly and the application: APP of SEINSA Corporation. This application includes 8,000 car spare parts, 5,000 repair kits and 650,000 applications for 85 European, Asian and American vehicle brands.

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The mobile app is available for download in more than 150 countries and in 32 languages, both on the Apple App Store and at Google Play, based on the prestigious reference platform in the automotive aftermarket tecalliance. 

SEINSA Corporation has an expansion plan to grow by 40 percent during the next three years, multiplying its annual sales volume, which reached €30 million a year ago, despite and against the forecasts of the automotive sector in general. 98 percent of the Navarrese company’s sales correspond to exports to 85 brands from 85 countries.

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