Expanded Brake Line by Juratek

Juratek, a well-established leader in automotive braking solutions, has recently introduced 16 new products to its comprehensive parts portfolio. This strategic enhancement aims to broaden its coverage across a diverse range of vehicle models, addressing the needs of the expanding global car parc.

Key Highlights

  • The introduction includes five brake discs, four brake calipers, and seven brake hoses.
  • Notable new brake disc references include HON158 for the Honda Civic (2017-2022) and MER354 for various Mercedes Benz models including the C-Class and E-Class.
  • Key brake caliper additions feature JCA1367L and JCA1367R, specifically designed for the Toyota RAV4 (2005-2019).
  • The brake hose segment sees significant expansion with references like JBH1447L and JBH1447R covering the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque.

Detailed Product Insights Among the newly released brake discs, significant models include KIA153, tailored for the Kia Sorento (2015-2020), and SUZ129, suitable for the Suzuki Swift (2010 onwards). Another significant addition is VAG361, which services both the Audi A1 Sportback (2018 onwards) and Volkswagen Polo (2017 onwards).

In the realm of brake calipers, the parts for the Toyota RAV4 highlight Juratek’s dedication to covering a wide array of models and manufacturing years, ensuring a fit for nearly two decades of vehicle releases.

The expansion in brake hoses is particularly noteworthy, with JBH1448 and JBH1468 designed for various models of Land Rover and Infiniti, respectively. These parts underscore Juratek’s commitment to supporting the longevity and safety of vehicles through quality aftermarket parts.

Availability and Customer Support All of Juratek’s new parts are readily available through their Webshop, which facilitates easy searches by part number or vehicle specifics. This digital catalog is designed to make the selection process efficient and user-friendly.

For further details on the Juratek braking range, interested parties are encouraged to contact the sales team directly at 01302 727 312, email [email protected], or explore the offerings at www.juratek.com. Juratek remains dedicated to enhancing vehicle safety and performance through continuous product line expansion and expert customer support.

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