NRS Brakes: Enhanced Safety Features

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NRS Brakes emerges as a leader in vehicle safety by integrating advanced mechanical fusion technology into their brake pads, now recognized by the Friction Materials Standards Institute (FMSI) with the prestigious ‘Z’ designation. This recognition covers 97 OEM-specified brake pad applications, signaling a significant enhancement in braking safety and durability.

Key Highlights:

  • FMSI Recognition: NRS Brakes’ applications now include 97 OEM-specified Z-designated mechanical fusion brake pads.
  • Technology Integration: Utilizing the PACE award-winning NUCAP Retention System (NRS), these brake pads are built with galvanized hooks that ensure a durable bond with the friction material.
  • Performance and Reliability: NRS Brakes boast a zero failure rate across over 1 billion units globally, addressing common problems such as edge lift and rust jacking.
  • Quiet and Consistent Braking: The design includes a noise-canceling piston insert, which contributes to making NRS brake pads some of the quietest and most reliable on the market.
  • Extended Pad Life: The fully galvanized backing plates extend the life of the brake pads significantly.

NRS Brakes has set a new standard in the brake pad industry by ensuring that each pad is not only effective but also enduring. “Just like rebar strengthens concrete, mechanical fusion in brake pads is vital for enduring high loads and ensuring safety across vehicles,” explains the company. With a commitment to innovation, each brake pad is crafted to prevent common failures like friction delamination, thus ensuring a quieter, more reliable braking experience. The company’s technology has not only been recognized with a PACE award but has also been instrumental in leading the global market in brake pad durability.

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About NRS Brakes

NRS Brakes has established itself as a frontrunner in brake pad technology, renowned for creating the world’s longest-lasting and quietest brake pads. Their commitment to quality and innovation continues to set industry standards, providing safer and more reliable braking solutions worldwide.

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