Range Rover SV’s Advanced Braking System

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The Range Rover Sport SV Edition One showcases the superior capability of its Carbon Ceramic Braking system at Portugal’s Algarve International Circuit. Designed to handle the rigor of track driving, this system features the largest brake discs in the industry, paired with innovative Brembo Octyma calipers, making it a benchmark in automotive braking technology.

Key Highlights:

  • Carbon Ceramic Braking: Uses Carbon Ceramic discs and unique Brembo Octyma calipers.
  • Track Performance: Tested over 860 laps at the Portimão circuit without needing brake pad replacements.
  • Superior Durability: Brake pads retained about 30% of their usable life after extensive track usage.
  • Lightweight Design: Saves 34kg in unsprung mass, enhancing handling and acceleration.
  • Advanced Cooling: Incorporates dedicated brake cooling ducts for optimal performance.

During a demanding two-week event, the Range Rover Sport SV not only demonstrated its durability but also its performance under extreme conditions. The vehicle endured over 600 track miles without a single brake pad change, proving the resilience and long-lasting nature of the braking system. Each of the four Range Rover Sport SV Edition Ones featured Carbon Ceramic discs measuring 440mm in diameter, accompanied by eight-piston Brembo Octyma calipers, specially designed for even pressure distribution and efficient cooling.

Hugo Mazzoleni, Chassis Manager at Range Rover, praised the system’s capabilities: “Carbon Ceramic brake discs generally cool much faster than a typical iron brake disc, meaning pad temperatures are managed much better, and they typically wear more slowly too. With the pitch and roll control of Range Rover Sport SV’s 6D Dynamics suspension system helping maintain stability under braking, the brakes are not overworked when used on a track.”

Range Rover

The braking system’s efficiency is further enhanced by Range Rover Sport SV‘s lightweight design, which reduces the unsprung mass by 34kg compared to standard brakes. This not only improves acceleration but also ensures a more responsive handling experience and better ride quality. The design of the brakes, featuring bold and muscular surfacing on both front and rear calipers, reflects a seamless integration of form and function, emphasizing the vehicle’s sleek, reductive design.

The Range Rover Sport SV’s braking system sets new standards for durability and performance, confirming its status as the flagship model for modern luxury performance. The SUV will be available for order this summer, following high demand for the Range Rover Sport SV Edition One.

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