Upgrade from Alcon for Toyota Tacoma

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Source: Alcon announcement

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Alcon, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of brakes, clutches and actuation for motorsports, original-equipment manufacturers, aftermarket, specialist and armored/defense vehicles, has released a front brake upgrade for the Toyota Tacoma Gen 3, suitable for both on- and off-road use.

Alcon is now offering a front brake upgrade, including calipers with pads, rotor assemblies, bracket kit and brake line set.

This brake upgrade is designed with the adventurer in mind. After a long weekend of trail riding and camping with friends, Alcon’s new Tacoma brake upgrade is ready to keep you, your family and your rig safe while traveling down the mountain back to regular life.

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With the added weight of aftermarket equipment and gear all loaded in your rig along with the need to control your speed coming down steep descents, the limitations of the stock braking system will be revealed. The increase in thermal capacity of the Alcon upgrade over the stock system means it can handle heavier and longer braking to provide you with stopping power when it matters most.

Extensively tested, the kit has shown significant gains over factory- fitted equivalents:

–           38-percent reduction in disc temperature rise

–           47-percent reduction in pad work rate (leading to a corresponding upswing in pad life)

–           Up to 14-percent decrease in pedal effort

The calipers included in Alcon’s brake upgrade feature ductile iron housings which provide maximum strength and stiffness, plus high resistance to both impact and fatigue. They’re coated in epoxy acrylic paint over an acid zinc finish – a combination that’s proven to offer excellent corrosion protection.

Additionally, all calipers come with advanced wiper seals around each piston which not only are resistant to the extreme temperatures generated by hard braking, but also prevent road grime from entering the caliper itself.

Both the rotors and pads included in the kit offer improved stopping power. Alcon rotors have a larger thermal capacity, meaning you can brake harder for longer without having to fear brake fade.

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The pads have been chosen for their increased surface area and long working life, meaning they perfectly complement both the rotors and the calipers.

Designed to make installation swift and simple, Alcon’s new brake upgrade fits nicely behind many 17-in and larger aftermarket wheels including Method MR701 17×8.5, Method MR305 ET0 17×8.5, AEV Salta XR 17×8.5 and BRAID WinRace T 17×7.5.

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