U-ABS Approved for Trailer Retrofits

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Source: Haldex announcement

WEYERSHEIM, France – The Haldex U-ABS antilock braking system has been approved by French third-party testing body UTAC Ceram for retrofitting on trailers equipped with older generations of braking systems. This approval means that a U-ABS retrofit will not violate the terms of the trailer’s type approval; modified trailers remain road-legal. 

Having been confirmed to be safe and compliant in retrofit, U-ABS is now Haldex’s standard retrofit option for MGX, Modal 24V and Modular systems for existing trailers and semi-trailers.

As Haldex’s newest ABS, U-ABS had previously passed EU type approval in its own right and complies with the anti-lock provisions of UNECE Regulation 13. ‘U’ stands for universal; the 24V system is intended for many markets in Asia and South America. In Europe, it is often used for agricultural trailers. It can be used there on road-going trailers too, but only those with a steel suspension.

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The tests, which were carried out at a customer site near Strasbourg, France in October 2020, confirmed that U-ABS offers at least equivalent brake performance to the older systems that it replaces.

Technicians measured braking performance on a three-axle skeletal semi-trailer originally equipped with a Haldex Modular antilock braking system. For the tests, that system was replaced with the new UABS system in different configurations, including 2S/1M axle-by-axle configuration, 2S/2M side-by-side configuration and 4S/3M configuration compared with the Modal ABS system.

Tests for response time (which had to be less than 0.44sec) were done back-to-back, in which the only elements of the pneumatic circuit changed were the ABS valve blocks.

The U-ABS valve internals are very similar to that of previous systems; the only physical change from Modular to U-ABS within the air circuit is a different surrounding casting. That means that a retrofit may only require swapping in a new control unit and reconnecting the existing valve block with new cables to a new ECU, electronic control unit, as an absolute minimum.

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(However, Haldex also recommends replacing ABS valve blocks more than 10 years old, as solenoid designs have evolved in that time). The essential features of the traditional anti-lock braking set-up with air brake circuit – in which wheel brake actuators are applied through air pressure – remain unchanged in U-ABS. Like its predecessors, wheel speed sensors mounted in brake assemblies monitor for wheel lock-up by comparing the vehicle speed with wheel speed. When a mismatch is detected, the system ECU releases air pressure to reduce the braking force as necessary.

The entire announcement can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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