TRW Brake Discs for Tesla Model S Now Available

DETROIT, Mich.–ZF estimates that by 2030, around one third of all vehicles produced globally will be electric or hybrid electric. With its developments, the Group contributes to a better and more sustainable mobility offer. To meet the needs of a growing e-mobility market, ZF Aftermarket is also continuously expanding its product portfolio. Currently, the TRW brake disc product range was extended by parts for the electric vehicle Tesla Model S.

TRW branded brake discs for the Tesla Model S are manufactured using High Carbon Grey Cast Iron Material (GG15 HC). This allows the discs to run cooler, meaning they are less likely to distort and suffer from NVH problems such as hot judder and brake squeal. Component noise reduction is an extremely important aspect of part development for electric vehicles as it can significantly affect driver comfort.

The high carbon brake discs are black painted for increased corrosion resistance using TRW’s bespoke surface coating. Front axle discs are available now, while those for the rear axle are launched within months.

Richard Adgey, Head of Product Management, explains: “The electrification of the driveline is in full swing and in anticipation of this trend, ZF has developed and now supplies core components as well as entire systems for all vehicle types. ZF’s aftermarket division also offers the company’s technical innovations under its range of product brands, including TRW, for its aftermarket customers at an early stage.”

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