Sustainable Production Drives Otto Zimmermann GmbH

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Otto Zimmermann GmbH, a family-owned brake parts manufacturer based in Sinsheim-Dühren, Germany, is committed to sustainable production practices. The company emphasizes resource conservation and high-quality, long-lasting products by carefully selecting suppliers, materials, and packaging. Their dedication to sustainability dates back to the early 1990s when they relocated to Sinsheim. Otto Zimmermann GmbH leverages the advantages of German production to maintain high sustainability standards.

Key Highlights:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Otto Zimmermann uses high-quality, environmentally friendly materials for their brake discs and drums. They also work on reducing particulate matter to meet the upcoming Euro 7 standard.
  • Energy-Efficient Manufacturing: The company employs energy-efficient machines, heat recovery systems, and energy-saving lighting to minimize energy consumption.
  • Recyclable Packaging: The brake parts are packaged using recyclable materials, aligning with their sustainability efforts.
  • Certified Energy Management: Since 2015, the company has been certified under DIN EN ISO 50001, ensuring continuous energy consumption monitoring and improvement.
  • Community and Environmental Initiatives: Otto Zimmermann supports local environmental projects, such as providing a habitat for honey bees, and participates in the TEILEn e.V. safety project to make school routes safer for children.

Quality Parts Made from Eco-Friendly Materials

Production Manager Thomas Klose emphasizes the importance of keeping energy consumption low: “We consistently pay attention to keeping energy consumption as low as possible in production. Modern machines that work efficiently are standard for us.” The company uses heat recovery and energy-saving lighting concepts that are continually optimized. The development team is focused on meeting the Euro 7 standard by enhancing coating techniques to reduce brake disc abrasion and adapting friction mixtures for environmental protection. Their raw brake disc parts are made from 100% recyclable material, and the packaging is eco-friendly.

Energy Management and Broader Commitments

Energy Manager Matthias Benz explains the impact of their energy management system: “It is important to us to really live the concept of sustainability and to continue to improve. The energy management system enables us to actively control energy-related company processes even better.” Beyond their corporate purpose, Otto Zimmermann GmbH is involved in environmental and social projects, such as providing a habitat for honey bees and supporting safety initiatives for children’s school routes.

About Otto Zimmermann GmbH

For over six decades, Otto Zimmermann GmbH has developed, produced, and distributed high-quality automotive components for car manufacturers and the independent aftermarket. Their product range includes over 4,000 different brake components, including sports and premium brake discs for motorsport and tuning. Otto Zimmermann GmbH’s products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, and the company is recognized as a TecDoc “Premium Data Supplier.”

For more information, visit Otto Zimmermann GmbH.

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