Superior Brakes: Otto Zimmermann’s Promise

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The critical role of brake discs in vehicle safety and performance underscores the importance of high-quality spare parts in automotive repair. Otto Zimmermann GmbH specializes in manufacturing brake discs that meet the highest safety standards, employing rigorous quality assurance measures and state-of-the-art testing equipment throughout the production process, including proprietary brake test benches.

Otto Zimmermann’s Commitment to Quality

Otto Zimmermann’s brake discs undergo thorough testing to guarantee optimal braking performance, heat resistance, and material durability. The company emphasizes the synergy between brake pads and discs, tailoring brake pad compounds to enhance safety, comfort, and efficiency within the braking system. “Quality starts with the material,” Otto Zimmermann asserts, highlighting the challenge in discerning quality at first glance among spare parts in the market. The firm educates workshop operators on assessing spare part quality, aiming to boost workshop quality awareness and customer satisfaction. “With our products, we focus on advanced technology and the trust of garages, prioritizing quality, safety, and reliability in supplying original-quality spare parts,” the management team states.

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Production Excellence Sets Otto Zimmermann Apart

Otto Zimmermann’s brake discs match OEM quality, utilizing gray cast iron with high compressive strength, superior damping, low wear, and excellent thermal conductivity. The company collaborates with foundries that perfectly execute the casting and cooling processes, adhering to specific casting specifications to prevent oxidation and ensure even heating and cooling during braking. The design and dimensions of the ventilation channels in Zimmermann’s discs mirror those of original parts, maintaining braking quality by avoiding material savings that compromise disc thickness and thermal resilience.

Factory Visits Impress Customers

Visitors to the company’s factory witness the company’s commitment to quality and precise tolerance adherence firsthand. Each worker is trained to identify material defects, with random checks for disc uniformity, axial run-out, and surface flatness ensuring the highest safety and comfort levels in the final product.

About Otto Zimmermann GmbH

For over sixty years, Otto Zimmermann GmbH has developed, produced, and distributed advanced automotive components for both car manufacturers and the independent aftermarket. The company’s product line includes around 4,000 brake components, catering to motorsports, tuning, and standard spare parts needs, distributed in over 60 countries as a TecDoc “Premium Data Supplier”. More information is available at

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