Smart Braking Innovation for Trucks

IAV, alongside TU Berlin, has unveiled a groundbreaking method designed to elevate braking safety for networked commercial vehicles by incorporating onboard weather data and leveraging existing vehicular sensors.

Why It Matters

Enhanced braking systems in heavy vehicles could significantly reduce accidents caused by adverse weather conditions. With this innovation, commercial vehicles gain the ability to autonomously determine road conditions and adjust braking protocols accordingly, potentially saving lives and reducing collision-related expenses.

Key Points

  • Collaborative Effort: The two-year research project, initiated by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), was undertaken by IAV with participation from TU Berlin.
  • Revolutionary Method: By utilizing a novel approach that combines weather data with standard external temperature and rain sensors, the system can assess the grip, or friction value, between tires and road surface without additional hardware.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Over 8,000 braking maneuvers in diverse conditions have been analyzed to validate the effectiveness of this method.
  • Transferable Models: Techniques previously developed for passenger cars at TU Berlin have been successfully adapted for commercial truck use.
  • Upcoming Showcase: IAV is set to present its findings at the VDI symposium on November 8 and 9 in Karlsruhe.

Bottom Line

IAV and TU Berlin’s joint venture has led to a technological leap in commercial vehicle safety, which may soon enable highly automated trucks to intuit and react to road conditions with little human intervention. This development represents a significant stride toward not only safer roads but also the advancement of autonomous commercial transportation. The industry eagerly anticipates the presentation of this innovative system, which promises a new standard in vehicular safety and efficiency.


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