TRW Boosts Commercial Vehicle Safety

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TRW, a prominent entity within the ZF Aftermarket umbrella and a renowned provider of automotive safety products, underscores its commitment to the commercial vehicle (CV) sector through high-quality, reliable braking components. The company advocates for rigorous safety practices, emphasizing the critical nature of effective braking systems in maintaining road safety for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

Key Highlights:

  • Government advice recommends at least four HGV brake tests annually.
  • Brake failures significantly contribute to HGV MOT test failures.
  • TRW provides expert solutions to enhance brake safety and performance.

According to official recommendations, regular brake assessments are crucial for HGVs and their trailers to prevent accidents and ensure safety on roads. These vehicles, given their size and the substantial nature of their cargos, require fully functional braking systems to avoid catastrophic failures. The government suggests a minimum of four brake tests per year, particularly during MOT inspections, to uphold these safety standards.

Data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) identifies poor brake performance as a primary reason for MOT failures in this vehicle category. Addressing this issue, TRW focuses on enhancing both service brake and parking brake systems to minimize risks associated with brake-related failures.

TRW’s legacy in braking systems combines with advanced steering and suspension parts to deliver products engineered for peak performance and safety. The company’s offerings include an array of components tailored specifically for the unique demands of HGVs and commercial fleets, including brake pads, calipers, brake discs, and more.

Each part from TRW undergoes extensive testing—laboratory assessments, track evaluations, and real-world trials—to ensure they meet the stringent requirements expected by commercial vehicle operators.

Yan Lockhart, Aftermarket Area Sales Leader UK at ZF Aftermarket UK, emphasizes the critical importance of safety in this sector: “It goes without saying that safety is of paramount importance when it comes to heavy-duty goods vehicles, as they are put under extreme pressures, day in, day out. Our focus on delivering parts of the highest quality reflects our commitment to delivering reliable solutions that keep fleets moving safely.”

Through continuous innovation and a dedicated focus on quality, TRW supports the commercial vehicle industry, ensuring that fleets operate safely under various conditions.

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