Remanufacturing Calipers for 40 Years at Brake Engineering

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Source: Brake Engineering announcement

WREXHAM, U.K. — The Brake Engineering braking brand has turned 40, marking four decades of U.K. remanufacturing (primarily calipers) and a commitment to innovation and service in the automotive aftermarket.

Started in 1981 by John Willis, the brand has always had a reputation for doing things a little differently with a multi-discipline in manufacturing, remanufacturing and distribution.

The brand’s centerpiece is its caliper remanufacturing, a process that has been refined over the years, culminating today in what is known as the “10-stage core process,” underpinning Brake Engineering’s expertise and dedication to quality and traceability.

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In its 40th year Brake Engineering has produced its eight millionth remanufactured caliper, a testament to the labor intensive, but also extremely thorough core competencies of the brand used to produce calipers five days a week.

As its remanufacturing processes are carried out in the U.K. at Brake Engineering’s Centre of Excellent in Wrexham, the impact of goods related charges is also minimalized.

The site in Wrexham is fully equipped to manage growth, successfully handling an increase of 20 percent in demand for remanufactured calipers in recent years.

The Brake Engineering brand has led a resurgence in remanufactured brake calipers, which offers numerous benefits for the environment: Waste is reduced, the need for raw materials is minimized and non-renewable resources are kept in circulation.

Regarded as a brand that evolves with the automotive aftermarket, in 2014 Brake Engineering launched “Original Aftermarket,” in a bid to simplify the over complex braking market for distributors and workshops.

Martyn Houghton said, “Brake Engineering has long been a brand close to the heart of companies in the automotive aftermarket and so the Original Aftermarket campaign provides the industry with complete traceability and reliability.”

Throughout the past 40 years, Brake Engineering has grown considerably to become an established and well-regarded braking specialist within the automotive aftermarket. This is thanks to its continual investment in research and development at its U.K. base, enabling the brand to successfully refine its process and ensure every unit is of the highest possible quality before entering the market.

Going forward, the brand is set to continue to expand on its traditional values of customer service, working to support a supply chain and an ageing vehicle parc.

Brake Engineering’s pareto, featuring the top part numbers for all braking product groups, is known to be the most in-depth in the market. It includes an analysis of each part number’s popularity over the past three years’, comprehensive cross-referencing and full vehicle make and model descriptions.

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Houghton added, “Our focus has always been on “aftermarket” ranges and ensuring that what is on a motor factor’s shelf is relevant to the vehicles in independent garages.

“The automotive aftermarket has seen a lot of change over the past forty years, but UK manufacturing remains as relevant and economically important as ever. We are very grateful to our customers and the rest of the supply chain who have contributed towards this success and look forward to continue working together over the next 40 years.”

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