Registration Open for EuroBrake 2021

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STANSTED, U.K. – Early bird registration for EuroBrake 2021, available through March 31st, brings an added bonus: access to all the technical papers produced for the annual event during the past nine years.

Early registrants will be able to browse and download (until April 16th) any of the 425 technical tomes submitted. All the EuroBrake papers that were on the FISITA Store and are now available in the new FISITA Technical Library.

EuroBrake 2021, originally scheduled for Mainz, Germany, will be held virtually May 17-21 in the safety of the participants’ own venue, on the internet-connected devices of their choice. Early registration is open and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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FISITA, event organizers, have posted a preliminary agenda (click HERE). Some of the technical-session topics already announced include: Advanced Coatings for Brake Components; Innovative Brake Rotors; Challenges Around Long-Life Friction Couples; Advanced Manufacturing and CO2 Mitigation; Brakes and Components in EV and Intelligent Braking and Braking Control (Rail).

According to FISITA, EuroBrake 2021 will be presented “using an event platform that is intuitive, simple, and that offers key networking functions to bring as much of the physical event as possible, direct to you wherever you are.”

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The organizers further said, registrants will be able to do the following in the virtual event site:

  • Update their profile to show others what they are interested in at EuroBrake
  • Tell others if you have a product or some research to share
  • Set your personal agenda with times you are available to meet/network and times you are busy
  • Select all the sessions you would like to attend and build your personal agenda
  • Download technical papers, posters, and videos
  • Private message other attendees and set up video calls within the platform (including group calls)
  • Attend as many sessions as you wish
  • Network with speakers
  • View special exhibitor and sponsor content and connect with these groups via messaging and video calls
  • Chat to colleagues in the open forums
  • Watch sessions back or on-demand if you missed them live
Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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