Source: PFC Brakes announcement

CLOVER, S.C. – Due to the increased demand for a longer lasting braking solution, PFC Brakes has introduced the all-new ZERO FAILURES™ rotors for the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor. 

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These new rotors will be available for shipment on November 1st, 2020.


– Runout < .0005 in. / Thickness Var. < .0002 in.: provides high-temperature strength and durability

– 47 or more vanes: reduces vibration and pulsation

– Vanes are turned on the OD & ID: Improves rotor balance

– Surface finish < .7 Microns: Reduces noise and vibration and increases disc and pad life

– 100 percent Inspected: Assures EVERY part meets specifications

Every Single ZERO FAILURES™ rotor is engineered and machined to meet and exceed the specific demands of first responders.

For further information about the company’s police applications, click HERE.