Knorr Brake Company Adds Indoor Filtration Product

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Source: Knorr-Bremse announcement

WESTMINSTER, Md. – As employees in the rail transportation sector resume on-site work at offices and facilities reopen to 100-percrent capacity, managers have a new compact and portable solution to support healthy air quality indoors: Knorr Brake Company has launched the Merak® 2-Stage Air Filtration and Purification System, proven to be 99.99998-percent effective at removing and killing viruses, including COVID-19 and its variants, as it also kills and removes airborne bacteria, E-Coli, staph, odors, and other pollutants.

Testing from an independent ISO 17025 accredited laboratory found that the system’s proprietary technology consistently and reliably eliminates 99.9 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria within five minutes, depending on total room size.

The newly launched 2-Stage Air Filtration and Purification System is configured by Merak North America, a division of KBC, and is engineered for use in office spaces, buildings and facilities to defend against airborne viruses, bacteria, and pollutants.

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The compact unit employs the same proven, powerful technologies as the company’s patent-pending 3-Stage Air Filtration and Purification System, launched in June 2020 for use with rail transit HVAC systems.

“The 2-Stage System features advanced system design engineered to perform. The unit delivers the perfect pairing for transit authorities and other operators,” said Jason Connell, Knorr Brake Company president and CEO. “While our powerful 3-Stage System helps protect riders on an authority’s transit vehicles, the 2-Stage System offers the same proven protection for the personnel who propel their business. Whether it’s in the offices, shops, cafeterias, or any common space where employees and guests work or gather, our systems are always on guard.

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“As people return to the office amid changes in mask requirements and more, the need for increased air filtration and purification, like the 2-Stage System, is critical. Offering an indoor air solution as robust as the solution available for transit vehicles ensures peace of mind and ongoing protection for everyone.”

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