Haldex’s Innovative Services for Commercial Vehicles

Haldex, known for its commercial vehicle components, offers more than just brakes and suspension parts. Their extensive services, including documentation, training, and technical support, ensure safe and effective operations for their products. These services, provided by Haldex’s European Technical Services Organization, are available in multiple European languages, such as English, French, and German.

Key Highlights:

  • Trailer Application Guide: An interactive tool for locating Haldex components on vehicles.
  • Diagnostics Assistant: Helps identify cables and offers detailed diagnostics data.
  • ModulT Parts Search: Facilitates part identification for GenI and GenII ModulT disc brakes.
  • Load Sensing Valve Calculator: Ensures accurate brake performance adjustments based on vehicle load.
  • Technical Training: Offers webinars and training sessions on various vehicle components.
  • Customer Hotline and Remote Service: Provides real-time technical support and diagnostics assistance.

Trailer Application Guide

The Trailer Application Guide by Haldex offers a comprehensive visualization of components in a tractor-trailer combination through an overhead view. This free online service, accessible without registration, provides an interactive table of contents for users to click on parts and view technical specifications.

Diagnostics Assistant

Haldex has enhanced its U-ABS guide with a new diagnostics assistant, which helps technicians quickly find the right cables. This assistant provides information on cable length, availability, and diagnostics data. It also offers printable checklists for those without laptop access, with plans to extend this service to EBS soon.

ModulT Parts Search

The ModulT Parts Search section, available in English, French, and German, assists customers in identifying the necessary parts for GenI and GenII ModulT disc brakes. This multilingual support ensures ease of use across Europe.

Load Sensing Valve Calculator

To maintain optimal brake performance, Haldex provides a load sensing valve calculator. This online tool, available in multiple languages, helps calculate lever length for steel suspensions and mechanical pivot points for air suspensions. Accurate calculations are crucial for vehicle safety and performance, and the results can be printed for future reference.

Technical Training

Pascal Blais, leader of Haldex’s European Technical Services, emphasized the shift to online training accelerated by the pandemic. Haldex has launched customer webinars in countries like Poland, the UK, Italy, France, and Germany. These webinars cover essential training topics and are structured into shorter modules to suit virtual attendance. Additionally, Haldex offers one-hour sessions on tire pressure management systems (TPMS) and traction assist.

Customer Demonstrations

Haldex provides both online and offline training tailored to customer needs. While there is usually a fee, Haldex plans to offer free technical sales tutorials covering the Trailer Application Guide, website navigation, and spare part identification.

Customer Hotline

Haldex is trialing a customer hotline in the UK, France, and Germany, offering technical support in the local language. These hotlines connect workshops with Haldex technicians, who provide part references, alternative product suggestions, and diagnostic assistance. This service might expand to other countries based on trial results.

Remote Service

Haldex offers remote, tailored support, particularly useful during periods when experienced technicians are unavailable. Through remote computer access, Haldex technicians assist with complex diagnostic procedures. Additionally, technical support is available via a downloadable app, with potential future enhancements like augmented reality for live video streaming.

Haldex’s comprehensive services, including interactive tools, diagnostic assistance, and extensive training, underscore their commitment to supporting the commercial vehicle industry with innovative solutions.

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