Galfer Bike Presents the New Sporting Agreement for 2019

Galfer Bike increases the number of professional MTB teams with new agreements for the following 2019 season. KMC-ekoi-Orbea, BH Templo Cafés, and Megamo Factory in Cross-Country, BH Miranda Racing Team in Enduro and IJ Racing in DH.

Cross Country

Carlos Coloma

This is the fastest growing field in Galfer Bike. In 2019, besides the Primaflor-Mondraker and Brujulabike teams, there’ll be a strong French squad, the KMC-ekoi-Orbea, with six riders from five different countries: Florain Vogel and Thomas Litscher (Switzerland), Victor Koretzky (France), Annie Last (UK), Malene Degn (Denmark), and Milan Vader (Netherlands). Galfer Bike will provide brake discs and pads for the next two seasons, so their Orbeas will use it until the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Pierre Lebreton: “We are glad to enter into partnership with Galfer! It began when we have had the opportunity to test the Disc Wave® and the brake pads in Advanced compound G1851. We really liked the improvement compared to the brake rotors and pads that we had at that time. Like KMC is for the chains, Galfer is the specialist for the brake friction. They are offering the best for our rider’s performances.”

Victor Koretzky: “The Disc Wave® are light and effective, and they are reliable. They are not easy to bent, which I greatly appreciate as I’m travelling a lot: my wheels are often disassembled and the disc are sometimes exposed, but I don’t have problems.”

Florian Vogel: “Galfer is a cool brand, they are involved in mountain bike and motorsports to bring their science of braking to the people, and I like that!”

On the other hand, Olympic winner Carlos Coloma started his own competition team in 2019 with BH Templo Cafés, and Galfer Bike will also represent them. The Spanish team, with young riders Josep Durán and Rocío del Alba, have the Tokyo Olympics 2020 in mind.

The Megamo Factory team also trusted Galfer Bike to provide their brakes and Jofre Cullell and Claudia Galicia will have full support from the Spanish brake brand for 2019.



In 2019 Galfer Bike maintains the partnership with the Orbea Enduro Team and with Chilean rider Florencia Espiñeira, and adds the French squad BH Miranda Racing Team with three important riders: Portuguese José Borges and French Alex Cure and Karim Amour. The latter has won several Enduro World Series in Master class and is a sort of legend within the paddock. They will all compete in the EWS starting March.

Karim Amour: “After all these years of competition, I had the chance to see the evolution of Mountain bike! Thanks to Galfer we lived the braking revolution.”


 Rafa Gutiérrez

For the fourth consecutive year Galfer Bike will partner with Hannah’s siblings, Alex Fayolle and Sam Reynolds Polygon UR team. In 2019 the Spanish brand will also support the IJ Racing team, with the twice Pan-American DH champion Rafa Gutiérrez. Besides the IJ Racing, Galfer Bike is adding some international DH riders, including Dylan Levesque, Slawek Lukasik and Antoine Pierron, that will compete on the DH World Cup 2019.

Besides the IJ Racing, Galfer Bike is adding some international DH riders, including Dylan Levesque, Slawek Lukasik and Antoine Pierron, that will compete on the DH World Cup 2019.

Rafa Gutiérrez: “Galfer brake pads and discs braking power make me trust even more my bike’s braking system. Never before a brake pad or brake disc had offered me such improvement compared with standard equipment. Last year with TRP and this year with Avid I felt an exponential increase in brake control and power using their products. This has been especially true this year after I started using 29’’ wheels, it was most helpful to have a disc specific for that wheel size. The 223mm discs, alongside the Galfer Pro brake pads, removed one of the doubts I had with the size changing and now I feel I have more braking power than last year, something bigger wheels usually have problems with. I hope Galfer will partner the team and my sporting career for years to come. For a rider like me, a highlight of their pads is they are already bedded, so I can mount them in the final descents, if necessary, and they will work from the start, something I had never seen before in any other brand.”

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