Galfer Advances with Integrated Management System

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Galfer, a leader in the manufacturing of friction materials and braking system components, has significantly enhanced its approach to business management by upgrading its Quality Management System (QMS). Previously certified under ISO 9001, the company now proudly operates under a comprehensive Integrated Management System (IMS). This strategic enhancement incorporates the ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 50001 Energy standards, underscoring Galfer’s unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and business excellence.

The shift towards an IMS is a testament to Galfer’s dedication to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency. By adopting this holistic approach, the company aims to foster a culture of sustainable and responsible practices across all operations. “We are delighted to be entering this new, more sustainable stage,” said a company spokesperson, highlighting the importance of rational energy use, conservation of natural resources, and effective waste management.

This milestone achievement is attributed to the collective efforts of Galfer’s skilled team, whose commitment to energy efficiency and waste reduction has been instrumental in meeting the company’s sustainability goals. Through collaborative efforts, Galfer has not only met but exceeded the expectations set forth by the newly adopted standards, showcasing the company’s ability to blend sustainability with robust business management practices.

By prioritizing resource optimization, Galfer has improved process efficiency and streamlined document control, proving that sustainability and business growth can go hand in hand. The company’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation remains strong, as does its dedication to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers. Galfer’s integration of the IMS reflects its role as an international frontrunner in braking systems, driven by a mission to support more sustainable development within the industry.

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