EU Selects SEINSA, LIS DATA for AI Experiment

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Source: SEINSA Corporation announcement

MADRID — The European Union (EU) has selected an experiment developed by LIS Data Solutions and SEINSA Corporation, within the DIGITbrain innovation program, aimed at facilitating the access of European SMEs (small and medium-sized entities) to the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and, more specifically, of digital twins.

The Digital Twins, or mirror systems, are virtual representations of real operating environments which are connected through cyber-physical systems (CPS). That is, they create a digital twin of a real product, device or process, with which to extract information or experience possible scenarios without taking risks. These simulations have been cataloged by the Gartner agency as one of the 10 technologies that will drive the digital transformation of companies, and their journey towards Industry 4.0.

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In this framework, the experiment proposed by LIS Data Solutions and SEINSA Autofren is aimed at avoiding efficiency losses of machinery, one of the main concerns in industrial processes. Under this premise DRIVEN, as the proposal has been called, analyzes, simulates and optimizes the entire operation of product movements between a parts warehouse and the packaging process in an automotive components factory.

To achieve this, the process is monitored and the risk of failure (Risk of Failure Forecasting) is   predicted through an innovative proposal that is based on the great advance in vision systems artificial and convolutional neural networks. 

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The experiment optimizes the production processes achieving a significant increase in the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), an indicator that measures the effectiveness of industrial machinery, increasing efficiency ratios, productivity and profitability of companies. More and more organizations are using digital twins, so DIGITbrain goes a step further by developing the “digital product brain,” which will analyze data during the entire life cycle of a production line or a machine.

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