Enhanced Brake Kits for Toyota LC300 and Nissan Patrol

Alcon Components Ltd has updated its best-selling armored vehicle brake kits in response to increasing customer demand. These kits, essential for maintaining performance and safety in heavily armored vehicles, are now available for the popular Toyota LC300 and Nissan Patrol models.

Key Highlights

  • Introduction of single-piece disc for Toyota LC300 brake kit
  • Enhanced brake performance and reduced maintenance costs
  • Re-introduction of Nissan Patrol brake kit with advanced features
  • Availability of kits for multiple vehicle models

Toyota LC300 Brake Kit Enhancements

In response to high demand, Alcon has revamped the Toyota LC300 front brake kit by introducing a single-piece disc, replacing the previous two-piece design. This change aligns with market demands and brings several benefits:

  • Increased brake torque: The new disc design enhances brake torque by up to 9%.
  • Reduced brake fade: Improved design minimizes brake fade and fluid vaporization.
  • Extended service intervals: The kit now requires less frequent maintenance.
  • Cost-effective: The single-piece disc lowers through-life costs and eliminates the need for manual disc assembly.

The new disc also boosts the thermal capacity by up to 36%, and reduces the front pad work rate by the same percentage, providing a robust and efficient braking solution. Alcon’s comprehensive dynamometer tests confirm the new disc exceeds all requirements for strength, cracking, and coning.

Nissan Patrol Brake Kit Updates

With the resurgence of the Nissan Patrol in the armored vehicle market, Alcon has updated and reintroduced its brake kit for this model. Key features include:

  • CIR15 family caliper: Utilized in various armored and defense applications, ensuring reliability.
  • Single-piece disc: Enhances brake performance and durability.
  • Improved brake efficiency: The updated kit reduces disc temperature rise by up to 15%, lowers pad work rates by up to 35%, and increases brake torque by up to 7%.

Comprehensive Range of Brake Kits

Alcon’s refreshed brake kits for the Toyota LC300 and Nissan Patrol are part of a broader range of solutions designed to enhance performance, safety, and cost-efficiency in armored vehicles. Alcon also offers kits for:

  • Ford models: F150, F250, F350, F550, Ranger, and Raptor series.
  • GMC models: 1500 and K2-based platforms like the Tahoe and Escalade.
  • Chevrolet models: Suburban and Suburban HD.
  • RAM 5500 and Mercedes Sprinter 4×4.
  • Toyota models: Tacoma, LC200, Hilux, and LC70 series.

These kits are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of armored vehicles, providing reliable and long-lasting braking solutions for a wide range of applications.

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