EBC Brakes Adds Ultra-High-Performing RP-X™

Source: EBC Brakes announcement

NORTHAMPTON, U.K. – Following the hugely successful launch of its RP-1™ track and race brake pad in 2018, the motorsport division of EBC Brakes – EBC Brakes Racing – is now adding the all-new RP-X™ material to its array of high-performance automotive braking components.

RP-X™ offers heavy and/or high-powered vehicles that are driven hard on track the ultimate braking performance. The pad possesses a high and stable friction level of 0.55μ between 0-850°C and beyond, whilst achieving 100 percent brake effect from cold.

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This makes it an excellent choice for sprint racing or hill climb events, where full brake performance is essential without any ‘warming up’ being required. It also means it is the perfect choice for any track scenario where a high initial bite as well as a powerful brake response are desirable.

Although RP-X™ is NOT R90 homologated for use on public roads within European Union member states, the fact this material possesses excellent cold performance means it can be used safely for driving to/from motorsport events where local laws permit.

EBC Brakes Racing does emphasize, however, that this material has been developed for peak on-track performance, meaning higher levels of brake dust and noise should be expected when compared to more road-friendly pads.

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Technical Highlights
– Made 100 percent in EBC Brakes’ Bristol, U.K. pad factory
– Unpainted stainless-steel backing plates (for reduced heat conduction)
– Backing plates feature Nucap® NRS® hook pad retention system
– Excellent pad life with moderate disc life

Important Notes
– These pads are for use on cast iron discs only – it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the discs fitted to their vehicle are cast iron versions
– They will not work on any carbon ceramic options and may damage the carbon discs requiring an expensive replacement
– It is not possible to bed them into their required spec on the road and it will affect future performance

RP-X™ pads are available now for many factory sports car calipers and most aftermarket race caliper fitments.

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