DUBL iPhone Drive App Can Track Auto Braking

Source: 9to5 Mac

DENVER – DUBL Drive debuted for iPhone back in January as a handy way to turn the simultaneous camera feature in iOS into a smart dash cam. Now the DUBL Drive app is getting its first major update including with some great new capabilities including a pre-recording option to capture events even if they’ve already happened, automatic braking detection triggering recording before and after an event, recording in landscape, a lifetime purchase option, and more.

DUBL Drive detailed the update in a press release:

Recording an accident or carpool karaoke is great, but what if you could capture the past, present, and future? Now you can. DUBL DriveTM Version 1.1 introduces new features, including:

  • 30 second pre-recording to capture events after they happen
  • Automatic braking detection saves footage of 20 seconds before and 10 seconds after
  • Audio toggle options so you can listen to music and make calls while using DUBL Drive
  • Improved user interface
  • Record in landscape mode
  • New standard, satellite, and hybrid maps with pan and zoom functionality

Another great feature for DUBL Drive is Apple Maps integration for directions and speed. And the iPhone XS and XS Max can take advantage of the dual-camera feature as well as the iPhone 11 lineup.

When it first launched, DUBL Drive required a subscription to get all the features. Today they’ve made a lifetime purchase available for just $25. That’s a nice option for those who prefer to pass on the $2/month or $15/year plans.

The company is also planning updates in the future to include speed-based auto-activation and cloud-based storage.

Hate subscriptions? We know some of you do. You can now unlock DUBL DriveTM forever with a single purchase. Love subscriptions? We’ve got you too! DUBL DriveTM also offers monthly and annual subscriptions. We still have lots of tricks left—stay tuned for DUBL

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