DP Brakes North American Road Racing Results

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LANCASTER, N.Y. – DP Brakes, the leader in sintered braking technology, just completed a successful 2020 motorsports season throughout North America. Its accomplishments include:

Moto America
Twins Cup
1st-Rocco Landers

Liqui Moly Junior Cup
1st-Rocco Landers

Canadian CSBK
Pro Superbike
1st-Jordan Szoke

Edmonton EMRA
Expert Superbike
1st-Ryan Boddy

“All of our competitors are racing with our High Performance RDP X-Race Titanium brake pads,” said Larry Mills, President of DP Brakes and Clutches North America. “Results prove that we have a compound available to be competitive with all other brands and even show an upgrade over those. The superb initial response, incredible feel and fade free performance puts us at the top of the charts.

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“Not only will riders experience all those features, but also receive the DP Brakes long reputation of no brake dust and quiet performance. We are truly honored to be part of their program for 2020 and wish them tremendous success in 2021. Their constant feedback will enable DP Brakes to be on the leading edge of sintered metal brake pad technology and further our growth in the Road Racing Market”.

RDP X-Race Titanium Brake pads are available exclusively through Parts Canada and Parts Unlimited, in North America.

About DP Brakes

The automotive and aircraft industries have been using disc brakes since the 1940s; it took the motorcycle industry two decades to catch up.

Disc brakes improved braking performance, but further improvement was necessary for wet conditions. Dunlop Aviation introduced sintered metal disc brake pads in 1955 which could penetrate the film of water that forms on a disc, a major improvement over organic friction materials. Based on this success, Dunlop Aviation was commissioned by the British Government to incorporate sintered disc brake technology for motorcycle applications. Thus, was born DP BRAKES.

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To this day sintered metal still provides state-of-the-art braking performance. The world’s major motorcycle manufacturers have recognized the benefits of sintered metal. Today, more than 95 percent of motorcycles produced are fitted with sintered metal brake pads as original equipment.

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