Comline Dominates UK with Caliper Innovation

LONDON – Since its 2020 debut, Comline’s caliper range has emerged as a game-changer in the UK’s automotive brake market. This introduction, backed by the Comline brand’s longstanding reputation, has reinforced its leadership position, offering over 1,000 unique caliper references catering to various vehicles.

Nick Weir, General Manager at Comline Business Line, shared insights on the product’s soaring trajectory. “In merely three years since launch, Comline calipers have registered an exponential growth. By the end of 2022, sales volumes surged by a remarkable 350%.”

Several factors contribute to this astounding success. Comline’s commitment to supplying only brand-new caliper units has set a new standard in the industry, eliminating the inconsistencies typically linked with remanufactured options. Weir added, “The remanufactured calipers often come with the cumbersome requirement of product returns and surcharge claims. Our solution eliminates this inconvenience, offering a seamless experience to our customers.”

The expansive range of Comline brake calipers is noteworthy. From European to Japanese and Korean vehicles, Comline ensures comprehensive coverage for popular models in the UK. The product line boasts versatility, featuring sliding, fixed, and rear calipers. Notably, their Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) options, such as the CBC309L/R, are becoming increasingly sought after for newer vehicle designs, especially in VAG Group vehicles.

Alongside their product excellence, Comline enhances user experience with a streamlined part numbering system, an attractive two-year (or 40,000km) warranty, and the brand’s signature competitive edge.

Comline Dominates UK with Caliper Innovation

Although Comline’s calipers have made recent waves, the brand remains committed to its wider braking range. Beyond their visually striking blue and yellow brake pads, Comline emphasises on regulatory compliance, rigorous testing, and performance checks, like the 300°C hot shear test.

Further accentuating their commitment to quality, Comline’s brake discs, predominantly featuring an anti-corrosion coating, offer efficient, maintenance-free installation.

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About Comline: A leading name in the automotive braking segment, Comline has consistently delivered high-quality solutions, driving performance and trust across motor factors, technicians, and motorists.


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