Cesar Ferreira | Randon Group

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Cesar Ferreira is Head of Product Innovation and Technology for Randon Group’s Auto Parts division. In this episode, Brian Hagman and Cesar discuss Randon and it’s newest technical environment, the CTR innovation lab.

The CTR is a space for development and experimentation to support the demands of Randon Companies and its partners in the search for innovative product solutions.

The 300 m² space comprises areas for co-creation and functional rooms that welcome multidisciplinary innovation teams, with the purpose of enhancing the use of sustainable technologies in the group’s products.

About Randon

The Randon Group Develops transportation solutions based on valuing people, generating profit with sustainability, trust, innovation and technology. In its 70-year history, the company has built a global presence and leadership in the trailer and semi-trailer, off-road vehicle, auto parts and financial services industries.

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