Carlson Adds ABS Sensors to Brake Parts Portfolio

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Source: Carlson Quality Brake Parts announcement

LIMA, OH – Carlson Quality Brake Parts has expanded its product portfolio, adding ABS wheel speed sensors to its catalog of quality brake parts.

The new wheel speed sensors maintain Carlson’s reputation for outstanding quality and dependability, with Carlson’s leading engineers overseeing the development through every stage of the manufacturing process. Each sensor is 100% tested before and after production, undergoing rigorous thermal, shock, vibration, durability and extreme temperature testing to deliver stability that customers can rely on in all weather conditions.

Wheel speed sensors affect many critical driving assistance systems, including ABS, Traction Control System (TCS), ESP (preventing swerving or skidding), Hill-Start Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). As a result, Carlson’s wheel speed sensors directly contribute to driving safety, driving comfort, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions. Choosing quality ABS wheel speed sensors is a choice that just makes sense.

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Carlson ensures that each ABS sensor is designed to precisely match OE wire lengths, mounting and connector designs for easy installation and consistent performance. Plus, the use of high quality, rugged and weather-resistant components ensures that the sensors can withstand extreme temperatures and the toughest road conditions. And as always, Carlson supports its customers with the finest U.S.-based distribution, engineering, product development and customer service teams in its category.

“At Carlson we make it easy for our customers,” said Paul Johnson, president of International Brake Industries which manufactures and sells the Carlson brand. “We already offer the widest range and latest coverage of brake hardware at exceptional quality standards. The addition of ABS sensors makes it even easier for our customers to find all the brake hardware and related products they need in one place from a supplier they can trust. Nothing is more important than having full confidence in your brake system, and Carlson’s products deliver performance that redefines quality for our customers.”

The new Carlson ABS sensors are now available and offer a range covering most vehicles in North America with exceptional quality, customer support and immediate availability. To learn more:

About International Brake Industries

Located in Lima, Ohio, International Brake Industries (IBI) specializes in the engineering, manufacturing and production of aftermarket brake system hardware components and repair kits worldwide. IBI’s products, such as disc and drum brake hardware kits, are sold under the Carlson Quality Brake Parts brand name and through a variety of private label programs. IBI has been a leader in the aftermarket auto industry for more than 50 years. For additional information:

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