Brake Safety Week: Key Dates Announced

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced that Brake Safety Week will take place from August 25-31. This week-long event focuses on the inspection, enforcement, and education of brake safety for commercial motor vehicles. The initiative aims to improve road safety by addressing brake-related violations and educating industry stakeholders on proper brake maintenance and operation.

Key Highlights:

  • Inspection and Enforcement: CVSA-certified inspectors will conduct routine inspections focusing on brake systems and components. Vehicles with brake-related out-of-service violations will be removed from roadways until repairs are made. This year’s focus will be on brake linings and pads, with some jurisdictions using performance-based brake testers (PBBT).
  • Awareness and Outreach: Educational efforts by inspectors, motor carriers, and other industry members will be a key component of Brake Safety Week. CVSA provides various resources, including inspection procedures, checklists, and maintenance tips, to prepare participants for the week.
  • Data Collection: Inspectors will collect and report data on brake inspections and violations throughout the week. This data will be analyzed and made publicly available later in the year, highlighting trends and areas for improvement in brake safety.

Inspection and Enforcement

During Brake Safety Week, CVSA-certified inspectors will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles, with a particular focus on brake systems and components. Any vehicle found with brake-related out-of-service violations will be taken off the road until the issues are corrected. This year, inspectors will pay special attention to the condition of brake linings and pads, as these are critical to vehicle safety and performance.

In certain jurisdictions, performance-based brake testers (PBBT) will be utilized. These machines assess the braking performance of a vehicle, providing a detailed analysis that can identify potential issues.

Awareness and Outreach

Education is a crucial aspect of Brake Safety Week. Inspectors, motor carriers, and other industry professionals will engage in educational efforts to raise awareness about the importance of brake safety. CVSA offers various resources to assist with these efforts, including:

  • An inspector’s inspection procedure guide
  • A checklist for inspecting S-cam brakes
  • Information on vehicle components that inspectors will check
  • A flyer with ten tips for brake lining and pad maintenance

These resources are designed to help drivers, motor carriers, owner-operators, and mechanics prepare for Brake Safety Week and ensure their vehicles meet safety standards.

Data Collection

Throughout the week, data on brake inspections and violations will be collected and reported to CVSA. This data will include general inspection information as well as specific details about brake linings and pads, which are the focus of this year’s initiative. Jurisdictions using PBBT will also submit their findings. CVSA will analyze all the data and publish the results later in the year.

Why Conduct Brake Safety Week?

Brake-related violations represent a significant portion of out-of-service vehicle violations. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s 2023 data, six out of the top twenty vehicle violations were brake-related. Last year, CVSA’s International Roadcheck revealed that brake-system violations accounted for 25.2% of all vehicle out-of-service violations.

The goal of Brake Safety Week is to improve brake safety across North America. By conducting roadside inspections and educating industry stakeholders, CVSA aims to eliminate roadway crashes caused by brake system failures on commercial motor vehicles. This initiative highlights the importance of proper brake inspection, maintenance, and operation, ensuring safer roads for everyone.

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