Brake Disc Crazing Explained by Comline

In the ever-evolving world of automotive repair, understanding the intricacies of vehicle components is vital. Comline, renowned for superior brake discs in the European market, provides clarity on the phenomenon known as brake disc ‘crazing’.

Technicians may sometimes observe an odd pattern on a brake disc: clusters of hairline cracks resembling ‘orange peel’ or the likeness of a crazed pavement. This occurrence, termed brake disc ‘crazing’, denotes that the disc faced high temperatures, a result of extreme braking. However, this is not always a sign of a brake disc’s quality compromise. Traditional cast metal brake discs universally exhibit this when exposed to intense heat. Although these cracks are generally superficial, Comline underscores the significance of discerning these from more severe cracks, which necessitate immediate disc replacement.

Brake Disc Crazing Explained by Comline

Comline further highlights another symptom of high braking heat: the ‘blueing’ effect. This phenomenon surfaces as the disc displays blue patches. Like crazing, it’s linked to high temperatures and can exist independently.

Key Points

  • ‘Crazing’ refers to clusters of hairline cracks on brake discs due to high temperatures.
  • Crazing doesn’t necessarily indicate a quality defect in the brake disc.
  • ‘Blueing’ is another sign of high braking heat, presenting as blue patches on the disc.
  • Immediate replacement is mandatory for cracks going partly or entirely through the disc.

Bottom Line

Understanding brake disc crazing is quintessential for automotive technicians. Comline’s insights emphasize that while crazing is often benign, distinguishing between superficial and detrimental cracks is paramount. By staying informed, technicians ensure they offer unparalleled service, prioritizing road safety.


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