PureForge Brakes Excel at M1 Concourse

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The M1 Concourse, located in Pontiac, Michigan, has officially transitioned to PureForge® brakes, following a new sponsorship agreement covering the 2024-25 period. This partnership highlights the garage community’s commitment to enhancing the performance and durability of brakes used on their track vehicles. PureForge’s advanced braking technology stands out in rigorous track conditions, promising enhanced longevity and superior performance over standard OEM brakes.

Key Highlights:

  • New Sponsorship Agreement: M1 Concourse partners with PureForge for the 2024-25 racing seasons.
  • Enhanced Brake Performance: PureForge® brakes demonstrate exceptional durability and performance on challenging track conditions.
  • Tested and Proven: Extensive testing by LINK under the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) standards confirms the brakes’ capabilities.
  • Increased Longevity: PureForge brakes last up to five times longer than OEM brakes in track conditions.

In the high-intensity environment of M1’s 1.5-mile, 11-turn driving course, conventional OEM brakes quickly meet their limits, often lasting no more than 600 miles. In contrast, PureForge’s Atomic-Forged® technology significantly outlasts traditional brakes, as noted by Dave Sherman, Testing Director and race driver. “The performance and durability of our Atomic-Forged PureForge® performance brake system were clearly superior during tests on a Mustang GT over two seasons,” Sherman remarked.

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CEO Gordon Heidacker shares his satisfaction with the product’s performance on the track, emphasizing its reliability both on the road and in race conditions. “PureForge is confident of its ability to perform on track as well as on the road, and we’ll put our brakes up against anyone else for durability, longevity, and performance,” Heidacker stated.

Further backing the superior performance of PureForge brakes, M1 CEO Tim McGrane highlighted their exceptional endurance. After intensive testing, including numerous laps at race speeds, McGrane observed, “The brakes stand up to everything we can throw at them… The rotors and pads last up to three to five times longer than the OEM rotors and pads.”

PureForge® stands as a leader in 21st Century Automotive Technology, addressing both the high maintenance costs and environmental concerns related to traditional performance brakes. This technological advancement offers substantial improvements in brake life and performance, setting new standards in automotive brake technology.

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