Bendix Unveils New Brake Rotor Technology in Australia

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Bendix has recently enhanced its General CT range by introducing new Disc Brake Rotors equipped with the innovative SwiftCheck™ technology, marking a significant advancement in automotive parts for the Australian and New Zealand markets. This addition aims to improve the reliability, durability, and performance of braking systems for everyday passenger vehicles, offering both motor trade professionals and vehicle owners a novel, easy-to-use wear indicator.

Key Highlights

  • Innovative SwiftCheck™ Technology: Features a visual wear indicator that simplifies maintenance checks by showing rotor wear without the need for manual measurements.
  • Enhanced Durability and Performance: Built with high-quality metallurgy, these rotors are designed for longevity and superior heat dissipation.
  • E+ Original Equipment Fit: Direct replacement for OE rotors, meeting or exceeding OE specifications.
  • SwiftFit™ Surface Protection: Includes a corrosion-resistant coating that eliminates the need for oil removal during installation and extends shelf life.

The newly introduced SwiftCheck™ is a distinct machined feature on the rotor surface, consisting of circular grooves that progressively narrow and disappear as the rotor wears. This design allows for a quick visual assessment of the rotor’s condition. “Once the wear indicator displays a singular dot in the center, this indicates it’s time for the rotor to be changed,” the company explained.

Advanced Packaging Solutions

The General CT Disc Brake Rotor range also showcases Bendix’s commitment to sustainability with its new FSC™ Certified packaging, which is fully recyclable. The packaging includes ‘Easy Lift’ finger holes for easier handling and features illustrative fitting instructions to aid in proper installation alongside vehicle-specific information from the OE manufacturer.


Bendix’s new disc brake rotor range is designed to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles, including late and early model passenger cars, four-wheel drives, and light commercial vehicles. This broad compatibility ensures that a significant portion of the vehicle market can benefit from these advanced braking solutions.

Bottom Line

The expansion of the Bendix General CT range represents a step forward in automotive part technology, particularly for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The introduction of SwiftCheck™, alongside high-quality materials and innovative packaging, positions Bendix to continue leading in the brake rotor segment, enhancing vehicle safety and maintenance efficiency.

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