Bendix Huntington Campus Achieves One Year Without Recordable Injuries

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Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix) celebrates a significant milestone at its Huntington, Indiana campus: 365 days without a recordable injury. Over 500 employees contribute to this achievement through dedicated safety efforts, emphasizing the company’s commitment to a world-class safety culture.

Key Highlights:

  • Milestone: One year without a recordable injury at Bendix Huntington.
  • Leadership Praise: Commendation from Eric Meehan, Managing Director of Operations.
  • Safety Metrics: Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) of 0.62 in 2023.
  • Employee Engagement: Regular Walk & Talks and See, Say, Do meetings to maintain safety focus.
  • Culture of Safety: Emphasis on communication, prevention, and correction.

Safety Takes Effort

Bendix’s Huntington campus, an 855,000-square-foot complex, employs over 500 individuals in various roles, from manufacturing engine vibration dampers to distributing Bendix components. Safety is ingrained in every aspect of operations, supported by the company’s comprehensive safety agenda.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines a recordable injury as one requiring medical attention beyond first aid. Bendix’s Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) for 2023 was 0.62, significantly lower than the industry average of 2.6, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“A safe workplace doesn’t just happen,” said John Adams, Bendix Huntington’s Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Manager. “Everyone here regularly contributes to our preventive and corrective measures, whether they’re involved in one of our Walk & Talks where we go around and conduct safety audits, using emergency work orders (EWOs) to identify unsafe conditions, or submitting ideas called Quick Kaizens for safety improvements. And every single employee is empowered to use their ‘stop-work authority’ any time an at-risk situation occurs.”

Communication Is Key

Effective communication is central to Bendix’s safety strategy. Twice daily, operators engage in “See, Say, Do” meetings to discuss potential hazards and share safety information. These meetings foster a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

“Twice a day, operators will have ‘See, Say, Do’ meetings with leads and supervisors – one after the first break, and one after lunch – where we aim to refocus our mindset on safety and share information relevant to the job,” Adams said. “We’ll talk about any potential hazards spotted, and what we can do to fix them, and a lot of the time it turns into a casual conversation about safety. And these are small groups, so when we talk about the types of progress we’re making, we’ll also consider whether there’s anything we can share with other areas that may be having similar issues.”

This cycle of observation, communication, and correction enhances Bendix’s safety culture, empowering employees at all levels.

“At the leadership level, we’ve worked hard to do a better job of sharing with the employees how we address their concerns,” Meehan said. “But really, I can’t express nearly enough gratitude to the teams on the floor and their commitment. Without their deep, ongoing engagement and their efforts prioritizing safety, none of this would be possible.”

About Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, a member of Knorr-Bremse, is a leader in active safety technologies, energy management solutions, and air brake systems for commercial vehicles. With over 4,400 employees, Bendix remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance vehicle safety and performance. For more information, visit or contact 1-800-AIR-BRAKE (1-800-247-2725).

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