Aussie Heavy Duty Brake Runs into Trouble

Advanced Braking Technology is still having problems with its high tech brake: this time it couldn’t stand up to extreme conditions in mines.

The company says in some circumstances, the polymer brake housing design of the Terra Dura brake experienced “difficulties” in mining condition trials.

This is a problem because the polymer housing is a key feature: it’s the bit that is supposed to extend the life of automotive brakes by keeping abrasive materials and water out.

Or as chairman Bruce Grey said when the first brakes were shipping in August last year, that housing was supposed to be “a fully sealed solution that prevents moisture and material getting into the brake casing”.

The company has started a redesign to use a non-polymer material for the brake housing.

Advanced Braking Technology (ASX:ABV) makes brakes for extreme conditions such as construction sites, forestry and surface mines.

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