Atotech Launches DynaSmart® Plating Line for Corrosion-Resistant Coatings

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Source: Atotech announcement

BERLIN – Atotech, a leading global supplier of specialty surface-finishing solutions, announced the global launch of its innovative and patented DynaSmart® plating line for corrosion resistant coatings.

“We are proud of DynaSmart®’s unique capabilities and state-of-the-art technical features,” said Gertjan van der Wal, President of Atotech’s General Metal Finishing (GMF) business unit. “The line maximizes efficiency in the production process, offers a high degree of flexibility, and meets the highest safety and sustainability standards – offering true value to our customers.”

DynaSmart® comes with a revolutionary automation design, which enables several product carriers to be moved simultaneously through different plating tanks. With DynaSmart®, customers can thus process different parts simultaneously according to their specific immersion times and agitation modes which enables highly flexible and customized production.

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DynaSmart® is compact in size and available as a modular system. This way it fits into already designed factories and its simple installation allows for easy expansion as product demand increases.

To make the installation process more efficient, DynaSmart® modules are pre-installed at Atotech’s factory and shipped in standardized freight containers for plug-&-play installation to Atotech’s customers worldwide.

In addition to its efficient design, this equipment features a large number of integrated recycling processes, which results in lower consumption of resources and chemicals and also produces less wastewater.

Further technical features include:

Even distribution of the coating thickness through uniform current density thanks to smaller coating barrels in the compact equipment.

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Maximum production availability thanks to automated maintenance processes in combination with Atotech’s industry-leading equipment service.

High throughput capability of 13,500 tons per year, despite the line being only a fraction of the size of a conventional plating line.

The entire announcement can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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