Alistair Fergusson | Alcon Components Ltd.

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Alistair Fergusson is Group Managing Director for Alcon Components Ltd. In this episode, Fergusson provides an update on Alcon’s current business situation and how they weathered the pandemic storm.

About Alcon

Alcon is a designer and manufacturer of ultra-high quality, low volume brake, clutch and other automotive components. It operates in all areas of the industry around the world where the customer wants and expects the best, both from the product and the support that goes with it.

Alcon’s clients and their requirements are as wide-ranging as the products it supplies. From tiny brake-by-wire controllers for Formula E racing cars to calipers required to stop 35 tons of an armoured vehicle, the only factor common to everything it does is its no-compromise approach to engineering excellence. Whether you are an OEM looking for a few thousand components to use on a high-performance road car, or a tiny race team needing just a handful of unique parts, Alcon is the answer.

Brian Hagman
Brian Hagman

Brian Hagman is founder of Hagman Media, with platforms including The BRAKE Report, The EV Report, and Self Drive News. Brian is also President of Hagman Search, a specialized recruiting firm supporting organizations in the Braking, eMobility, and Automated Driving segments.