Alcon’s Bespoke Braking Solution

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Alcon Components Ltd has emerged as the chosen partner for Tekne, the renowned Italian specialist vehicle company, providing a customized braking system for the Graelion, an exceptional off-road vehicle designed to tackle a variety of challenging environments. This partnership underscores Alcon’s expertise in delivering high-performance braking solutions tailored to meet the rigorous demands of specialty vehicles operating in harsh conditions.

Key Highlights:

  • Bespoke Braking System: Alcon has designed a specific braking solution for Tekne’s Graelion vehicle, employing the durable and reliable CIR15 caliper.
  • Proven Performance: The CIR15 caliper is celebrated for its robust performance in off-road applications, ensuring reliability across diverse sectors.
  • Long-standing Collaboration: Alcon and Tekne’s partnership dates back to 2020, highlighting a strong and evolving relationship.
  • Specialized Design: The Graelion vehicle boasts high ground clearance and versatile configuration options, catering to various specialist sectors.
  • Expert Endorsement: Carlo Ulacco of Tekne praised the Alcon CIR15 calipers for their perfect fit and performance across the vehicle’s operational range.

Partnership and Performance

The collaboration between Alcon and Tekne commenced in 2020, initially focusing on off-the-shelf brake kits for Toyota Land Cruisers. Since delivering the first prototype system for the Graelion in 2022, Alcon has supplied over 30 vehicle sets, highlighting the success and reliability of their bespoke braking systems. The choice of the CIR15 caliper, known for its suitability in adverse conditions without the drawbacks of traditional slide mechanisms, exemplifies Alcon’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Durable and Versatile Design

The Tekne Graelion stands out for its adaptability and performance in demanding environments. From emergency services to construction and defence, the vehicle’s design accommodates a wide range of applications, thanks to its significant ground clearance and configurable wheelbases. This versatility is matched by the chosen Alcon braking system, which utilizes SG cast iron for increased stiffness and reduced corrosion, further enhancing the vehicle’s durability and reliability.

Industry Recognition

Both Carlo Ulacco of Tekne and Jonathan Edwards of Alcon have expressed satisfaction with the partnership and the performance of the braking system. Edwards emphasized Alcon’s role as a leader in the provision of braking solutions for specialty vehicles, highlighting the company’s ability to meet diverse and demanding requirements with proven, high-quality systems.

This collaboration between Alcon and Tekne not only reinforces Alcon’s position in the specialty vehicle market but also showcases their capacity to deliver tailored solutions that enhance safety, performance, and operational versatility of vehicles designed for extreme conditions.

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