Alcon’s 15-Year Defense Milestone

In a significant industry milestone, Alcon Components Ltd celebrates 15 years of innovation and success in the defense sector, marking its journey from a motorsport and performance automotive leader to a key player in defense and security. This UK-based brake and clutch company has diversified its expertise into several sectors, including aerospace, agriculture, and more, while maintaining a strong foothold in the defense industry for over 25 years. Alcon’s commitment to providing heavy-duty brake kits for armored vehicles has showcased not only its adaptability but also its dedication to enhancing safety and performance in demanding environments.

Key Highlights:

  • 15 years since Alcon’s first defense-specific caliper design.
  • Successful transition from motorsport to a 500% growth in defense and security.
  • Defense sector contributions now represent 20% of Alcon’s annual revenue.
  • Over 80 defense and security customers, including leading OEMs like BAE and Supacat.
  • Diverse product range supporting vehicles from 1,500kg to 60,000kg.

Alcon’s first venture into the defense realm began with a bespoke project for Ricardo in 2008, leading to the development of a six-piston aluminum billet caliper for the RWMIK Land Rover. This project laid the foundation for Alcon’s expansion into the defense market, with subsequent orders and bespoke solutions further establishing its reputation. The company’s strategy encompasses off-the-shelf kits, bespoke braking solutions, and partnerships with axle manufacturers, catering to a wide range of applications from armored SUVs to heavy-duty military vehicles.

Jonathan Edwards, Group Sales Director, emphasizes Alcon’s pride in contributing to the safety and performance of defense and security vehicles. The company’s transition to iron calipers in 2008 was a pivotal moment, opening doors to new opportunities beyond defense. Edwards highlights the company’s role in delivering high-performance, safe, and cost-effective braking solutions, acknowledging the trust and collaboration of over 80 defense customers.

About Alcon: A global leader in high-performance braking solutions, Alcon has over 40 years of experience in motorsport and the defense sector, offering bespoke and off-the-shelf products that meet the rigorous demands of the modern battlefield. With a proven track record in delivering innovative braking systems, Alcon continues to lead in the integration of motorsport technology into defense applications.

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