Xos Inc. Recalls 242 Vehicles

Xos, Inc., a notable manufacturer, has initiated a recall for 242 of its vehicles, specifically the 2021-2022 SV05 and 2021 SA01 models. This action follows the discovery that the bolts and brackets essential for securing the electronic parking brake system may loosen, potentially leading to brake failure.

Why It Matters

The integrity of a vehicle’s parking brake is crucial for ensuring safety. The failure of this system can result in unintended vehicle movement, significantly increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. The recall highlights the importance of robust vehicle component design and the need for prompt manufacturer response to any identified defects.

Key Points

  • NHTSA Campaign Number: The recall, identified as campaign number 23V760000 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), underscores the gravity of the issue.
  • Affected Vehicles: The recall encompasses 222 units of the Xos SV05 and 20 units of the Xos SA01, all produced between December 23, 2021, and May 23, 2023.
  • Potential Hazard: If the electronic parking brake system fails, there is a risk of the vehicle rolling away, especially if not parked correctly or without engaging the manual park brake.
  • Remedy: Xos, Inc. has assured that dealers will replace the faulty hardware and update vehicle software without any cost to vehicle owners.
  • Owner Notification: Vehicle owners are expected to receive notification letters starting December 11, 2023. They can also reach out to Xos customer service for further assistance.

Bottom Line

This recall is a proactive measure by Xos, Inc. to prevent any potential accidents due to the malfunctioning of the electronic parking brake. Vehicle owners are advised to take this recall seriously and ensure their vehicles are inspected and fixed by authorized dealers. Moreover, the responsiveness of Xos, Inc. to such safety concerns sets a precedent for other manufacturers in terms of addressing vehicle safety proactively. Vehicle safety is not just about immediate functionalities but also about ensuring all components, even those not often considered, like parking brakes, are in optimal condition.


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