Wilwood Releases Batch of New or Updated Products

Wilwood announced several new or updated products on its website.

Wilwood’s Speed Xtreme big brake upgrades for 2016-2018 Camaro combine the massive braking capacity of the SX6R forged aluminum six piston caliper with rotors up to 15.00” to create the ultimate super-car-styled brake system. Directional vane iron rotor kits, featuring Wilwood’s exclusive Spec37 competition grade alloy, are available in 14.00” or 15.00” diameters with GT competition series slotted face rotors, or SRP series dual-sport style drilled and slotted E-coat rotors.

For the ultimate in lightweight super-car brake system performance, WCCB 15.00” carbon-ceramic rotors are also available. All kits feature two-piece, full-floating dynamic rotor mounting with forged aluminum hats. MSRP starts at $3,780.00

Wilwood’s TX6R Tactical Xtreme front brake kit upgrades for 2014-present Dodge Ram 2500/3500 trucks use components and technology originally developed by Wilwood for tactical, armored and extreme-duty specialized vehicles. Massive six-piston forged aluminum calipers wrap around 16.00” diameter rotors. Combined with high-grip, long-wear and fade-resistant BP-20 compound SmartPads, these kits provide unmatched braking capacity and durability for all types of high-demand highway, towing, hauling, commercial and heavy load off-road applications.

The systems are engineered fully compatible with the OE master cylinder output, ABS system, and all electronic controls. Each kit includes all premium grade hardware, stainless steel DOT approved flexlines, and a detailed installation guide. MSRP starts at $2,295.95.

Wilwood’s new front brake kits for the 2008-2011 Toyota Land Cruiser provide unmatched performance and durability for all types of high-demand highway, towing, hauling, and off-road applications. The kits combine the strength and size of the Aerolite 6R forged aluminum calipers with 14.25” Spec37 alloy rotors, and BP-20 compound high-grip, long-wear, fade-resistant SmartPads.

The kits are engineered application-specific and are fully compatible with the OE hydraulics, ABS, and all electronic controls. Each kit includes premium grade installation hardware, stainless steel DOT approved flexlines, a detailed instruction guide, and a high-tech styled complement to wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades. MSRP starts at $1,959.95.

Wilwood’s Compact Tandem Integral Reservoir master cylinders provide a high-style, high-performance solution for pressure actuation and fluid control on both manual and power boosted applications, especially when space is limited. The lightweight, high pressure die-cast aluminum body measures 6.55” overall length from the mounting flange, with an overall height of 3.03” from the piston bore centerline to the top.

Units are available in two finish options and four different bore sizes, with a full 1.12” stroke capacity to match the volume output of the larger body master cylinders. Cylinders are available separately, or in a kit with an adjustable proportioning valve block assembly. MSRP starts at $239.95.

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