Volvo Trucks Enhances Safety Measures, Unveils New Features Ahead of EU Regulation Deadline

Sweden – In a move that strives to increase road safety, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists, Volvo Trucks is launching a suite of novel safety systems for its vehicles.

The Swedish automobile manufacturer has been keenly developing technologies such as the Front Short Range Assist that is designed to better safeguard vulnerable road users. This system is equipped with a front radar and camera, aimed at detecting any imminent threat to pedestrians or cyclists within the truck’s immediate forward vicinity. It alerts the driver of any impending risk of a collision. Another notable system is a new door opening warning feature that cautions if a pedestrian, cyclist, or another vehicle is approaching the truck from behind on the same side the door is opened.

Anna Wrige Berling, the Traffic & Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks, highlighted the company’s unwavering commitment to safety, stating, “We persistently innovate and implement extra safety systems to augment driver capabilities and safeguard both the driver and others on the road. Our long-term vision at Volvo Trucks is zero accidents and safety is integral to all we do. These new systems are a significant stride towards achieving these goals.”

Several of these newly introduced features comply with or even surpass the General Safety Regulation (GSR) mandated by the European Union (EU) which will come into force in July 2024. The GSR, which necessitates multiple advanced driver support systems, is targeted at enhancing road safety and fortifying the protection of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The EU anticipates that this regulation will save over 25,000 lives and prevent 140,000 injuries by 2038.

“We advocate for stringent regulations in matters of safety, and Volvo Trucks is already equipped with other systems that will become obligatory in 2024 with the GSR,” said Berling.

The upcoming safety features from Volvo Trucks include the Front Short Range Assist and the Intelligent Speed Assist, which keeps drivers updated about speed limits by detecting and displaying road speed signs on the instrument panel. It also alerts the driver if the vehicle is exceeding the speed limit. Another feature is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System that checks the tire pressure on the truck and trailer, and alerts the driver if there’s a significant pressure drop.

The Door Opening Warning system, available on both sides of the truck, alerts of any moving object approaching from behind when the truck door is opened. The Auto Hold feature is designed to keep the truck stationary until the accelerator is applied, providing support for drivers on slopes and hills.

Most of these systems will be globally available on Volvo’s FH, FM, and FMX models with diesel, gas, and electric drivelines from September this year. The Volvo FL and FE models will also be equipped with these safety systems as part of the GSR enhancements before the end of 2023.


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