MEMA Brake Manufacturers Council Update – April 2024

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MEMA Aftermarket Supplier’s Brake Manufacturers Council (BMC) has been actively engaged in recent months, particularly with the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Project Advisory Council (PAC) on brake and tire wear particulate matter (PM) emissions. This PAC, initiated in late 2023, is part of a groundbreaking 2023-2025 study commissioned by CARB to investigate PM emissions from brakes and tires in real-world, on-road conditions, a departure from previous laboratory-based studies.

MEMA Aftermarket Supplier’s involvement in the PAC is significant, as it was one of only two industry representatives invited to join. The council’s role is crucial, advising CARB on instrumentation, vehicle selection, and other aspects of the study. Of note, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers BMC members have contributed data regarding the estimated penetration percentages of friction material types commonly used in both light- and heavy-duty applications.

The study is progressing through its initial phases, with the planning phase completed and the pilot project currently underway. The PAC is expected to convene as needed throughout the study’s timeline, including milestones such as the full study rollout and conclusion, which is expected in 2024-2025. MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers staff, supported by BMC members, are committed to contributing their industry perspective and knowledge to this pivotal study, which could significantly impact future regulatory activities.

The BMC meets twice a year. The meetings provide a platform to address current and anticipated issues facing automotive brake parts and systems manufacturers. The meetings feature guest speakers as well as council-sponsored projects and legislative updates. MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers is proud to be at the forefront of these important discussions, ensuring that the industry’s voice is heard and considered in shaping future regulations and standards.

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About BMC

Since 1973, the Brake Manufacturers Council has represented the interests of the brake industry. In 2010, it became an operating council of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), now part of the Aftermarket group of MEMA.

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