UL Joins Automotive Safety Council to Help Advance Auto Safety and Mobility

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Source: UL announcement

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — UL, a leading global safety science company, has become a member of the Automotive Safety Council.

Embedded within the world’s top automotive ecosystem in metro Detroit, the Automotive Safety Council is a trade association with membership representing autonomous, crash avoidance and occupant protection automotive safety suppliers that works to improve automotive safety through the development, production and implementation of the latest automotive safety equipment.

To maintain its third-party impartiality, UL has joined the Automotive Safety Council as a sponsoring member, a membership category reserved for companies or organizations associated with the advancement of automotive safety but does not directly provide automotive safety products, materials or equipment.

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As one of its first actions, UL is providing expertise by participating in several Automotive Safety Council subcommittees including those addressing safety, health and environment, and sensing and active safety.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the leading automotive industry organization addressing active, autonomous and passive safety issues and to help the industry innovate without compromising safety and quality,” said Mary Joyce, UL’s vice president and general manager of the Automotive and Mobility division.

UL’s membership in the Automotive Safety Council comes at a time when the automotive industry is amid a paradigm shift. Increasing consumer expectations for connectivity, interoperability, transparency and safety, paired with new government regulations and rapid advancements in electric and autonomous vehicles, are pressing manufacturers and their suppliers to increase the speed of innovation while addressing safety issues to build and maintain the public’s trust.

“Scrutiny around safety, security and sustainability, along with regulatory complexity to bringing products to global markets, are some of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry,” Joyce said.  “That’s why safety considerations must be a priority through the entire development cycle – from material selection and assessments to testing and homologation. Given our work with OEMs and their suppliers to help bring safer, smarter automotive and in-vehicle electronic technologies to market, it’s our goal that UL’s participation within the Automotive Safety Council will help elevate consumer trust in the technology.”

“We are excited to welcome UL to the Automotive Safety Council and help in our efforts to prevent accidents and protect occupants and pedestrians,” said Douglas P. Campbell, president, Automotive Safety Council.  “UL has a long history of employing scientific processes and the highest ethical principles to help advance safety. As mobility and automotive safety challenges and concerns expand to include the connected car, autonomous vehicles, automation and cybersecurity, we welcome UL’s safety leadership and deep expertise to guide conversations and strategy around these transformative innovations,” Campbell said.

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