Tribotecc Launches New Friction Additive

ARNOLDSTEIN, Austria — Tribotecc GmbH, a leading expert and manufacturer of high-quality metal sulfides based in Austria, has announced the launch of its latest product, Tribotecc® SLX 131. The product was first introduced at the Asia Brake Conference 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, where it was well received.

Tribotecc’s SLX 131 is a revolutionary combined sulfide of iron and zinc that is set to become a cost-efficient replacement for tin sulfides in brake pads, clutch facings and high-perfomance friction linings.

Proper alternative to tin sulfides in any kind of brake pad formulation

With SLX 131, Tribotecc aims to offer a rather competitive and very price-stable solution for the brake-pad industry without compromising on performance.

SLX 131 has been specially formulated to offer similar performance to tin sulfides in NAO and low-met formulations, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of brake applications.

The all-new SLX 131 also showed very persuasive results at pad and disc wear benchmark tests compared to common tin sulfides. Thus, Tribotecc also promotes the product property of wear improvement as major benefit, which consequently results in longer lifetime of brake systems and improved safety on the road.

Meeting current and future challenges at the automotive markets

As the major trend in vehicle technology moves toward heavier vehicles and a clear reduction of particle emissions as well as safety, performance and environmental requirements for the brake systems become more demanding, Tribotecc is 100% committed to provide innovative solutions for the brake pad industry. Metal sulfides, such as SLX 131, play a critical role as functional additives in friction materials and are relevant for performance and lifetime of components in motion.

“Our team of experts has developed a product that not only offers exceptional performance, but also provides significant cost savings potential to our customers. Unlike tin sulfides, which are known for great performance but also substantial price volatility, our new development is cost-effective and price-stable, and meets the performance requirements of most applications as well,” said Manuel Hamedinger, Director Sales of Tribotecc.

Final product tests and trials completed

The new friction additive expands Tribotecc’s comprehensive portfolio of innovative and environmentally friendly metal sulfide solutions.

“The development of SLX 131 demanded intensive research and development work since a sophisticated production setup was required and many iterations of manufacturing and testing were necessary. We are proud that the scale­up has been completed and the product is now available to our customers,” said Lars Hensgen, R&D manager at Tribotecc. “Tribotecc again demonstrated its ability to understand and anticipate market needs with its innovative, high-quality products, and to address them through a rigorous development process.”

Executive Summary

  • Tribotecc’s new SLX 131 is a combined sulfide of iron and zinc
  • Compared to common tin sulfides SLX 131 provides exceptional performance parameters, it reduces wear of brake pad and disc
  • Provides a cost-efficient alternative to conventional brake pad materials like tin
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