TBM Offers Carbon-Fiber Front-Brake Kits

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CAMARILL0, Calif. – Looking to equip your ever-faster racecar with carbon-fiber front brakes? Did you know that TBM Brakes offers a spindle-mount front brake kit to go with its carbon-fiber rear brake offering?

TBM launched its carbon-fiber front brake kits a couple of years ago, and they’ve been making their way onto the front end of Pro Mods, Radial versus The World cars, and similar machines that need the stopping power or simply the peace of mind for the driver and crew.

“A lot of guys don’t know that we have these. What a lot of Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Top Alcohol guys were doing was putting our F3 calipers on the rear with our 4-inch carbon pads and whatever carbon-fiber rotors they usually run,” said TBM’s Jason Smith. “What we’ve done is develop a front kit to pair with that, that utilizes our F1 caliper that we run all of our steel spindle-mount kits with. And we’ve made bracketry to work with any kind of Strange Ultra (Part# 001-0253), Penske (Part# 001-0254 — AFCO, Menscer, Santhuff, etc.) or Funny Car-style (Part# 001-0267) spindle that will pair with whatever 10-inch rotor that they’re currently running.”

TBM does not manufacture its own carbon-carbon-fiber rotor but does supply the pads to go with its kits. The kit includes the calipers, pads, and the mounting hardware to work on any of the three above-mention strut styles.

TBM’s F3 caliper utilizes the industry-standard 5.25-inch mount, allowing it to mount onto what Smith says is 90-percent of the brackets on a rearend, along with standard 4-inch brake pad shape — as such, TBM has you covered if you want to utilize its brake kits on all four corners of your high-speed machine.

“Carbon-fiber is kind of a limited market,” Smith admited. “With those, you have to be generating a lot of heat for them to be consistent, so it’s not something that is for everybody. It’s also pretty expensive, so it’s really catered to high-MPH applications — Funny Cars, Pro Mods, radial cars, and Top Sportsman to an extent.”

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