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PowerStop offers an exceptional braking solution for enthusiasts aiming to improve their track day performance. With milliseconds defining the gap between victory and second place, a reliable brake upgrade becomes crucial. The Track Day brake kit is specifically designed to endure the rigorous demands of weekend track days and High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE), ensuring drivers gain that competitive edge with confidence and control. As the chosen brake supplier for the prestigious Bondurant Racing School, PowerStop’s brake pads are rigorously tested to withstand extreme conditions, offering unparalleled fade resistance, minimal thermal conductivity, and consistent pedal feel.

Key Highlights:

  • Platform-Specific Compound: Tailored for track day performance.
  • Carbon-Fiber/Metallic Formulation: Ensures durability and efficiency.
  • High Cold Coefficient of Friction: Maintains grip, even at lower temperatures.
  • Increased Friction with Heat: Enhances control as conditions intensify.
  • Consistent Brake Modulation: For reliable performance lap after lap.
  • Superior Pedal Feel: Confidence at every corner.
  • Low Rotor Wear: Extends the life of components.
  • Optimized with High-Carbon Track Day Rotors: For peak performance.

For those aiming to excel on the track, whether seasoned veterans or weekend warriors, PowerStop’s Track Day brake kit stands out as a top choice. Its data-driven design and comprehensive testing guarantee a performance that matches the high standards of the Bondurant Racing School. Experience unparalleled control and durability, ensuring that your focus remains on the thrill of the race, from start to finish.

Discover more about how PowerStop can elevate your track day experience at PowerStop’s official website.

Don’t Just Stop… PowerStop!

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