Wilwood’s XRZ Hub Kits Launch

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Wilwood Disc Brakes announces the release of their XRZ Splined Hub Kits, a significant innovation for sprint inboard applications. Designed to mount floating rotors more effectively, these kits enhance stiffness and simplify the maintenance of rotor and adapter setups. Specifically crafted for use with DMI and Winters axles, the XRZ Splined Hub Kits represent a notable advancement in brake technology, providing a precision fit through the new 46-spline XRZ Hub Axle Clamp.

Key Highlights:

  • New XRZ Splined Hub Kits enhance rotor mounting efficiency.
  • Increased stiffness and simplified service with innovative design.
  • Compatibility with DMI and Winters axles ensured by the 46-spline XRZ Hub Axle Clamp.
  • Improved pedal feel and extended rotor life with dynamically mounted floating rotors.
  • Versatile rotor adapters offer a choice between T-nut mounting and a Lug-Drive system.

The introduction of a five-bolt hub design propels stiffness to new levels by expanding the mount points away from the center, facilitating the use of a thicker rotor adapter. Wilwood has developed two rotor adapters to complement this system: an 8×7.00” bolt pattern for T-nut mounting and a Lug-Drive system designed for use with Wilwood’s 11.75”x0.81” GT slotted rotor #160-16923, which incorporates a stainless steel snap ring and float clips (sold separately). These features ensure that the XRZ Splined Hub Kits not only improve the overall performance of sprint inboard brake systems but also offer the flexibility to be integrated with existing setups.

About Wilwood Engineering: Since its inception by Bill Wood in 1977, Wilwood Engineering has remained at the forefront of high-performance disc brake technology. Operating from Camarillo, California, Wilwood designs and manufactures a wide range of disc brakes and components, tailoring their products for applications ranging from racing to classic car restoration. Known for their uncompromising quality and performance, Wilwood products undergo extensive testing to meet the highest standards of efficiency and design. For more details, Wilwood Engineering can be contacted at [email protected].

This development marks another step forward for Wilwood Disc Brakes in their ongoing effort to provide advanced braking solutions that cater to the demands of modern racing and automotive applications.

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