Max Symonds Tests EBC Parts at Jerez

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British motorcycle racer Max Symonds has recently undertaken an extensive pre-season testing at the renowned Circuito de Jerez, Spain. Symonds, competing in the National Superstock series of the British Superbike championship, is preparing for a competitive 2024 season riding his Yamaha R1, equipped with the latest EBC brake components including GPFAX pads and X-Series floating discs.

Key Highlights from the Jerez Circuit Test

  • Extensive Testing: Over several days, Symonds tested the Yamaha R1 with new EBC brake components.
  • Challenging Weather Conditions: The test included sessions under both wet and dry conditions, providing valuable data on the bike’s performance.
  • Optimization of Bike Setup: Adjustments to the bike’s balance and electronic settings were made to optimize performance.

Detailed Overview of the Testing Process

Earlier in the year, Symonds and his team, Symonds Racing, ventured to Spain to test new components and strategies for the upcoming racing season. The testing week began with adverse weather, mimicking typical UK conditions, which provided an opportunity to test the bike’s handling in the wet. Despite the challenges, Symonds noted the effectiveness of the EBC brakes, especially in wet conditions.

The Jerez circuit, celebrated for its history and complex track layout, proved to be the perfect setting for testing. Symonds expressed excitement over the circuit’s characteristics, stating: “Jerez is one of the most iconic circuits in the world… It really is a bike racer’s dream track.”

On the second day, conditions improved, allowing for testing in the dry. The performance under dry conditions highlighted the bike’s capabilities in handling fast-flowing corners and heavy braking zones, critical for competitive racing.

Reflections and Future Plans

The test sessions proved crucial for setting up the bike and familiarizing Symonds with the new braking components. His feedback was overwhelmingly positive, particularly about the adaptability and performance of the EBC brakes. Looking ahead, Symonds is scheduled to participate in a club race with NG Road Racing, as a final preparation before the first round of the National Superstock series.

The pre-season testing at Jerez was a significant step for Max Symonds and his team in preparation for a competitive season in 2024. The insights gained from testing under varied conditions have been instrumental in fine-tuning the Yamaha R1, setting a solid foundation for the upcoming races. With new EBC components, Symonds is well-prepared to challenge for top positions in the National Superstock series.

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