STEMCO Sells Trifecta Line, Webb Takes the Wheel

STEMCO, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty truck parts, has sold its Trifecta™ pre-adjusted hub assembly product line to original partner Webb Wheel Products. The seamless transition ensures continued availability and production of these popular hub assemblies for fleet customers.

Uniting Expertise for Streamlined Success

Launched in 2018, Trifecta quickly gained industry recognition for its superior performance and reliability. Webb, long established in wheel end solutions, played a key role in Trifecta’s development. Combining STEMCO’s Discover® XR seals, Zip-Torq® fasteners, and precision bearings with a Webb hub, Trifecta offered remarkable resistance to contamination and corrosion.

“Trifecta has been a success story, and we’re proud of what we achieved,” said Drew Coen, STEMCO’s Senior Director of Global Marketing. “We’re confident Webb will build upon this foundation, maximizing their expertise to take Trifecta to the next level for customers.”

Seamless Transition, Continued Support

The sale ensures a smooth handover with minimal disruption. Webb will maintain existing production processes, utilizing STEMCO components to guarantee consistent quality and performance. Both companies remain committed to supporting customers, with STEMCO honoring all existing Trifecta warranties and Webb starting to take orders in January 2024.

“We’re excited to build on Trifecta’s success,” expressed PJ Caplan, Webb’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Combining STEMCO’s technology with Webb’s expertise opens new possibilities for innovation and continued value for our customers.”

This collaboration signifies a win-win for both companies and, ultimately, for fleet operators seeking reliable and efficient wheel-end solutions. As Webb takes the wheel on Trifecta, the road ahead promises continued performance and innovation in the heavy-duty trucking industry.


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